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World Directory
The world directory is a directory of links to websites providing pictures of geographical places and sights. An excellent resource for travel and vacation planning, or for just plain old sightseeing, the directory offers you a visual tour of the world. We are constantly updating our directory with new and interesting sites. We also regularly monitor our directory for inactive links, and remove them when necessary. We welcome you to experience the beauty and variety of our planet with!

Directory Picture Pages
Below are some important requirements met by picture pages which appear in our directory:
  • Appropriate for all ages.
  • Contain pictures mainly of places and sights.
  • Do not open pop-up or pop-under advertising windows.
  • Do not open new browser windows to display pictures.
  • Do not use frames as part of the display of pictures.
  • Do not have excessively large file sizes.

Directory Navigation
The world directory uses a system designed to provide easy and carefree navigation. Start with our home page. Click on the country, province, city or other place of your choice. Then choose from links within that geographical designation.